HPSP-16 Conference

High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics

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HPSP is a biennial meeting with a long standing tradition. The first two meetings took place in Poland (1985) and Montpellier (1986) as a Polish–French Meeting on High Pressure Applications in Semiconductors. The success of these early conferences made it clear that the topic area of high-pressure semiconductor physics had wide interest. Consequently, in 1988 the series was convened under its present name and has been organized as a satellite meeting of the traditional International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors (ICPS). Recent HPSP conferences were held in :

The aim of this conference is to have at the same time specific subjects related to high pressure applications in semiconductor and concerned with materials, components and innovative techniques. The goal is to allow promising young scientists and internationally recognized researchers from different fields to meet together for a single-session conference. During the meeting a wide range of topics will be reviewed including advanced semiconductor materials, vibrational properties and electronic structures, phase transitions and of course the new devices and new techniques from physics under pressure.

HPSP - 16 August 6 - 8, 2014, Mexico City hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx