HPSP-16 Conference

High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics

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For payment methods see below

Registration fees (USD) By June 19 After June 19  
Regular $550 $625      
Student $375 $450      
Retired $350 $400      
Accompanying person $225 $275      
Registration fee includes:          
  Access to all scientific sessions
Abstract book and complimentary materials
Coffee breaks, refreshments
Lunches on Wednesday and Thursday
Box Lunch on Friday
Welcome reception
Conference Banquet
Excursion on Friday
Accompanying person fee includes:          
  Coffee breaks, refreshments
Lunches on Wednesday and Thursday
Box Lunch on Friday
Welcome reception
Conference Banquet
Excursion on Friday
Advanced Registration
Each attendant is requested to register separately

Registration forms:
Click here to send your registration form
Please rename appropriately your registration form file as: YourSurname_YourName_RegForm-HPSP16.doc
Please send your registration form NOW, even if you will pay on site.
Consider that the amount to pay depends on the payment date, not in the day you sent your registration form.

Payment methods:
After July 11 only on-site payment

Please identify below your preferred payment method.
In any case you are kindly asked to send the
registration form by e-mail to hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx
Please attach a copy of the proof of payment.

A) Credit card (ends on July 11)
      Step 1. Indicate amount to be paid
After completing the registration form you will know the exact amount to be paid.
NOTE: as you introduce the amount the page can move to the top, just scroll down and continue.
Please introduce desired amount in USD: 
       -----  USD              
If the above amount is correct please click the button below (after the following image) to be transferred to
the safe web page for credit card payment. You will see a window like this:
Note: The amount in US dollars will be changed to Mexican Pesos (exchange rate: $1 USD around $13.30 Mexican Pesos)
After completing your payment you will see a notice of confirmation. Please print it and send it by email to
hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx together with the registration form. You will receive an email with confirmation of your payment.
If you already sent your registration form just forward the proof of payment, please make clear who is paying if the cardholder name is not your name.
     Step 2. You will be transferred to a safe web page for credit card payment 
     the following amount:    -----  (USD) equivalent to MXN  Mexican Pesos

B) Bank transfer (ends on July 11)
As a reference in the bank document you must include your name and "HPSP-16"
Please make sure with your bank that the transfer that our bank will finally receive is the due amount,
free of ANY bank charges.

Request bank transfer information by email:

c) Registration at the Conference (on-site)
After July 11 only on site registration

On site registration starts on Tuesday (August 5) afternoon.
On site registration only in cash, please bring the exact amount.
Cash payment in USD, Euros or Mexican Pesos

Substitutions are allowed if communicated two weeks before the start of the Conference.
If you wish to cancel your registration, please send a message to the Conference Secretariat:
    If your written notice is received by July 11, a 50% refund will be made.
    We are sorry that cancellations after July 11 cannot be made.

HPSP - 16 August 6 - 8, 2014, Mexico City hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx