HPSP-16 Conference

High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics

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Conference Publication

Manuscripts published (April 2015) in a topical section of physica status solidi (b)

The submitted manuscripts will undergo peer review and will be published as Original Papers or Feature Articles in a special edition of physica status solidi (b) .
                            pss (b)
We will publish a regular topical section (no conference proceedings) with selected contributions on the diverse aspects of high-pressure semiconductor research in pss (b) – basic solid state physics. In collaboration between the Guest Editors and the pss Editorial Office we cordially invite you to contribute a Feature Article (topical review) or Original Paper manuscript based on or related to your conference presentation.

Download the call for papers

Call for papers – Invitation to authors

Topical section in physica status solidi (b):

High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics


Guest Editors: Andrés Cantarero, Isaac Hernández-Calderón


Submissions open from July 7 to Aug 6, 2014


Submit to pss (b) at


please choose Section:

             HPSP-16 presenter – High Pressure Semiconductor Physics


Please read carefully the author guidelines


HPSP - 16 August 6 - 8, 2014, Mexico City hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx