HPSP-16 Conference

High Pressure in Semiconductor Physics

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Abstract submission

(info updated May 16, 2014)

Abstract submission opening: January 16, 2014
Abstract deadline
: May 9, 2014
Notice of acceptance: May 27, 2014 - all letters have been sent, if you have not received yours send an e mail to hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx

Important guidelines for summitting your abstract:
Please read them carefully before mailing your abstract

Abstracts will be received only if sent by e-mail to hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx click here
Note: hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx and hpsp-16@fis.cinvestav.mx reach the same inbox.

Detailed instructions in the abstract templates, see below.
Do not send multiple copies of the same abstract.
Only pdf files will be accepted.
One e-mail for each different abstract file.
The e-mail subject must be: HPSP-16 - Abstract # - Surname_FirstName (of corresponding author).
Only use one e-mail address for the same corresponding author.
At the bottom of the abstract write the corresponding author details
Please indicate if you will or will not submit the corresponding manuscript, click here for details
Name each abstract file as indicated in the template.

You will receive a confirmation of abstract reception within one week after submission.
The final decission on the type of presentation (oral or poster), will be made by the conference committees.

Abstract templates:

HPSP - 16 August 6 - 8, 2014, Mexico City hpsp16@fis.cinvestav.mx